Data for foundations, AI for solution.

Establish the foundations of your data strategy by structuring your data, and then build your custom AI solutions

Data Engineering

We develop our customers' data strategy. We help them define and implement the best architecture for their transformation and storage pipelines. For instance, we set up ETLs for a DataLake and thus centralize the data.


Image Recognition

We develop tailor-made image recognition solutions for our customers. They own the software we build. We rely on deep learning models or proven open source libraries.


Image Recognition Ecosystem

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Articles written by Sicara data scientists

Edge detection, tutorial, knowledge

Edge Detection in Opencv 4.0, A 15 Minutes Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you, with examples, two OpenCV techniques in python to deal with edge detection.

Determine Your Network Hyperparameters With Bayesian Optimization

Why and how Bayesian Optimization can be used for hyperparameters tuning

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3 Steps to Improve the Data Quality of a Data lake

From Customising Logs in the Code to Monitoring in Kibana