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Data for foundations, AI for solutions

Sicara Image Recognition Startup

We establish the foundations for your data strategy by structuring your data. Then build your tailor-made AI solutions.

Our Offers

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Maturity Audit

Our clients are among the top 5% in terms of maturity level related to Artifical Intelligence. Do you know what your level is? We offer you to investigate the quality and fiability level of your data.

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Are you thinking about developing an Image Recognition solution for your business? We help you identify what added value AI can bring you.

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In less than two months, own a custom-made Image Recognition solution developed specifically to achieve your goals. Build the data ingestion process for your datalake.

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You already own an Image Recognition tool that you wish to expand accross your business? We help you through deployment and maintenance. Deploy your internal applications in the datalake.

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AI Training

Big group manager or SME CEO? We help you learn how to integrate Artificial Intelligence in your company.

AI Ecosystem

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A Generative Adversarial Networks tutorial applied to Image Deblurring with the Keras library.

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